Sometimes alcohol can cause your judgement to be sloppy, but in the case of We Were Giants, my decision that they fuckin rock was correct. I caught them at a Local Heroes gig in The Prince last Friday and I was impressed. 

Despite a mellow sound to a lot of the material, they still rock a live venue. This Dublin four-piece filled the air with a stage presence that certainly was unexpected.

C.D. (E.P. Title: Part one)
At a soberer stage of the weekend, I opened the flimsy case of their first E.P. The hauntingly beautiful first intro is a lead up to the sound wall that follows. Recorded work, especially on a low budget, often shows flaws that go unnoticed live, and this was evidenced in the vocals on a couple of the high notes. But over all an impressive four tracks. 

Life sits on a corner and waits for someone to call her...

Lyrics are absolute poetry, if a little clichè in places, the vocals over all are powerful and connecting. With a great mellow modern rock style, these four sound lads will go far in the coming years.

WEBSITE http://www.weweregiants.net/



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