I was on the door for an alcohol free gig that they played as a fundraiser for Occupy Dame Street, last summer, but I was too drunk to remember how they went over. 

This duo's sound is best described as hillbillies paying grunge. In Ireland. Their E.P's card cover pushed it's way through my door a couple of days ago, and It hasn't left my CD player since. Starting of with a powerful powerchord, foot stomping headbanging 'Spitting Blood', and equally as Cobain comparable 'As A Light'. They soon show their blues influences With a riff in 'Another Early Night' that makes you want to chug all your whisky, get your jean dungarees on and start a bar fight. The blues undertones carry us the rest of the way through the E.P. with 'Avalanche', and ending with a tune that could easily be from 90's Seattle scene 'Twist's Request'. 

"... if you can't hold your drink, try holding your tongue instead..."

This Galway based pair of legends are such a rip-roaring grunge/southern rock lovechild, it would be a real shame to music everywhere if they turned out to be a just another college students bound for life in an office and dust covered corners of hipsters rare E.P. collections. Somebody please do the world a favor and make these motherfuckers famous.



Listen, download or order hard copy of the E.P. here


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