Today I received an E.P. From the Crafty Fuzz, not through post or at a gig, but passed hand to hand until it fell to my graceful tanned palms to hold this disc. This Dublin quartet blast their Blues influenced rock with gooving gruff vocals and heavy riffs. Every distorted note stinks of whiskey and tour vans.

As soon as the first notes of Once In a Blue Moon sounds, I was drenched in a wall of sound that was positively dripping with influences from artists such as Black Sabbath and Ozzy. The aggressively soothing vocals of frontwoman (yes, frontwoman) Babz Allen come to true fruition in second track, The game. From the outset this band comes across as well experienced , and bad ass. Very impressive 5 tracks. 

I don't waste my time, never spend my life livin a lie...

With a guitar sound firmly routed in classic rock and early metal, and held together with forceful drumming, you can't go wrong with this band. Make sure you get your arse down to the MoeFest venue and not miss these guys in a live performance!





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